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Safety at market city

At Market City we consider safety on site as our first priority.  When visiting our site it is important that you are aware of our site operations and safety procedures.  These procedures apply to all visitors to our wholesale markets and warehouses including those doing contract work within the Market City site (i.e. tradesman etc).  These requirements also apply to our own staff, tenants and contractor employees.

Visitors must be aware of the following key safety requirements:

  • Safety vest must be worn at all times
  • Visitors must walk within the pedestrian walkways and cross walks
  • No smoking in the Central Trading Area or warehouses
  • Work permits (e.g. hot works, roof access) must be obtained to commence any work on site
  • All vehicles must observe speed limits when driving on site
  • Market Officers are available on site to assist you with queries and there are emergency phones located within the markets if you require further assistance.
  • The site operates under the Perth Market Authority by-laws and Market Officers are authorised to issue infringement notices with significant fines.
All visitors are required to understand the above requirements.  Please ensure that when visiting the site you do the following:
  1. Watch the safety video on the website
  2. Undertake the safety questionaire and print out your Acknowledgement of completion
  3. Provide the Market City reception with your Acknowledgment and obtain an access card or visitors permit.

 For visitors who are unable to comply with the above or have special needs please contact the Perth Market Authority reception on 9456 9200 or

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