Booking Rules


Perth Markets Ltd. (“PML”)

Sunday Market - Booking Rules

As at 01 JULY 2015


Prices – FY16


1. Prices (including GST):

Undercover bays

Per week – 1 to 3 consecutive weeks - $40.00

Per week – 4 to 13  consecutive weeks - $33.50


Powered bays (undercover)

Per week - 1 to 3 consecutive weeks - $55.00

Per week – 4 to 13 consecutive weeks - $50.00


Open air bays

Per week – 1 to 3 consecutive weeks - $27.00

Per week – 4 to 13 consecutive weeks - $21.50


2. Booking times:

Bookings are expected to be available at the following times:

Monday to Friday:

Via the Perth Markets Ltd. on 08 9456 9200.

This depends on staff resources and may not always be available.

Stall holders may be asked to leave message for market staff.


In person only, when the ticket office is staffed from 4:30am to 1:00pm


3. Booking on the day:

Subject to bay availability, bookings on the day are possible from 4:30am at the Ticket Office. 

Stallholders wishing to book on the day will need to park outside the market & walk in to buy a bay at the Ticket Office.  Vehicle entry to the market area without a booked bay is not permitted.


4. Bookings in advance:

Options for advances bookings are as follow:

MUST be consecutive & start on the next available Sunday: Rate
One (1) to three (3) weeks "1 to 3" rate per week
Four (4) r more weeks "4+" rate per week
Up to a maximum of thirteen (13) weeks "4+" rate per week

To hold any bay in advance, the entire booking must be paid for.


5. Ongoing bookings:

Provided there has been no breach of the conditions of entry, stall holders will be able to re-book their bays on the last day of the stall holders booking period.

To re-book the same bay at the end of a booking period, the stall holder must re-book by 1:00pm on the last Sunday of their current booking.

If the re-booking does not occur prior to 1:00pm, then the bay is available for PML to book to others as demand dictates.


6. Perth Markets Ltd. re-sale of un-occupied bays:

The PML reserves the right to re-sell any booked bay that is not occupied by 6:45am on a Sunday morning.


7. Leave of absence:

To apply for a leave of absence, you must inform us at least two weeks before the first Sunday of the time you wish to take off. You may do this by either sending us an email, or handing in your request at the Sunday Market ticketing office. Once the application is submitted, PML will assess the application and inform you of the outcome.

Terms and Conditions of Leave of absence:

  • If the application is granted by the PML, the stallholder must first pay for at least 4 weeks of occupation dated immediately after the leave of absence. Failure to do this will result in normal booking rules being applied.
  • PML will re-book the bays to other stallholders during the leave of absence.
  • Submitting an application does not automatically grant you the leave of absence, and is only valid once you have received confirmation from the PML.


8. Refunds & changes:


  • Refunds are not available for a change of mind.
  • Refunds are not available for wet weather.
  • Refunds are not available if a stall holder is requested to leave the Sunday Markets for breaching the Conditions of Entry or the Booking Rules.
  • Refunds or changes are not available if a stallholder has selected the wrong bay, or wishes to move to a different bay.


9. Disputes over right to use:

Any disputes over a particular right to use a particular bay:

  • The last name booked into the PML’s records takes precedence.
  • The only remedies available for double bookings are:

           - if available, being offered a bay of similar or less cost (which must be paid for).
           - being offered a refund (if payment has already been accepted by PML).


The Perth Markets Ltd. reserves the right to review and change these rules from time to time.