Market City is committed to supporting local and regional communities. Market City provides sponsorship to community groups for events that promote the consumption of fruit and vegetables. We currently work with Foodbank to educate school children on the importance of eating fresh fruit and vegetables. 

Community Support - Foodbank
Perth Markets Limited partners with Foodbank WA, helping them provide produce to the charities who
feed the hungry. Foodbank is by far the largest hunger relief organisation in Australia, and is 
also the largest provider of nutrition education and healthy eating programs in WA.

Foodbank has gratis facilities at Perth Markets, where they receive and distribute produce donated 
from tenants at the site. Donated produce is used to support Foodbank’s various programs in WA and 
we thank the Market City tenants for their support of this life changing project.

Programs the produce contributes to:
The Foodbank WA School Breakfast Program provides a nutritious breakfast to high-risk students and 
communities in Western Australia, and directly reaches over 18,000 children, serving over 61,400 
breakfasts and 21,600 ‘emergency’ meals per week across metropolitan, rural and remote Western 

The Program provides food products to registered schools so they can serve free of charge breakfast 
food, and with the help of Perth Markets it has access to fresh produce, including fresh fruit and 
vegetables. An evaluation of the initiative found that the program positively contributed to a 
number of factors, including:
•    Physical health
•    Student concentration
•    Social skills
•    Mental health
•    Awareness of healthy eating
•    Behaviour
•    Eating behaviours generally
•    Food selection and preparation skills
•    Academic outcomes.

Food Sensations® is a program developed for adults, parents and schools. In schools, it is a 
practical nutrition education program which has been developed for Foodbank WA’s school and 
community networks. Food Sensations® aims to improve knowledge, attitudes and skills around healthy 
eating and cooking – for healthier bodies, minds and futures.

Food Sensations® for adults is a free nutrition and cooking program that is hands on, fun and 
provides a safe environment to try new recipes and skills. The program covers a variety of 
nutrition topics including healthy eating, label reading, budgeting, meal planning and either 
lunchboxes and snacks, healthy mind and healthy body, supermarket tour or gardening for health.

With 3.6 million Australians experiencing food insecurity in the past 12 months, and 27% of these 
being children, the work Foodbank does is more important than ever. Perth Markets Limited and
Foodbank and support those in need in WA.