Perth Markets Limited have in place a formal building approval process for tenants to make alterations or building changes prior to works to be undertaken within the Market City site. All tenancy fit outs and building works must be assessed and certified by the PML appointed certification agent (currently JMG Building Surveyors) to ensure that the building works will meet minimum legislative requirements under the Building Code of Australia (BCA). This process exisits to ensure all relevant impacts are considered (safety, building compliance, council regulations, electrical power draw etc.). PML have worked with JMG Building Surveyors to simplify the process and ensure all requirements are met prior to starting works.

Simple low cost non-structural changes can generally be approved in approximately ten days, while more complex works can take longer as they often require input from various contractors and consultants whom you have engaged. Due to the Certified Building Approval Legislation introduced in April 2012 by the Building Commission, additional information, time and cost may be encountered with more complex works.

The Fees charged by JMG for the building approval is as follows;

  • There is a minimum fee of $550.00 plus GST per application of up to $250,000 (incl GST) of the value of the building construction works.
  • The inspection fees for works upon completion and prior to occupation of the building will be charged at a rate of $150.00 (plus GST) per hour, or part thereof. Any additional inspections carried out will be charged at the same rate.

As per your lease or licence for the premises at Market City, all building works undertaken within tenancies require certification and approval prior to commencement.

View or download the floor chart for the building approval process

Once the above form duly completed along with any other required information is received, PML will begin the approval process and refer the information you have provided us to our appointed certification agent.

If a Certified Building Permit is required, please refer to the Building Permit Pack and complete and return with relevant information attached:

  • Checklist for Certified Applications
  • Application for Building Permit – Certified

Contact the facilitites team here for any queries you may have.