Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently asked questions - sunday market


Q. Where are the markets located?

The Canning Vale Sunday Markets are located at 280 Bannister Road, corner of Ranford Road, Canning Vale. Entry to the markets is from either Bannister Road or Baile Road.

Q. What times are the markets open?

The markets are open to the public from 7am till 1pm Sundays. We are open every Sunday, including public holidays and long weekends.

Q. How can I get in contact with the markets?

There are a number of ways to get in contact with us.

·         Visit us at the Ticketing Office on Sundays from 4:30am till 1pm.

·         Call our office on (08) 9456 9200, during normal business hours.

·         Via our email on

Q. I’m ready to book a bay! What do I do next?

Please call (08) 9456 9200 where we can help you choose a bay and take payment over the phone with a credit card. Calling during the week to pre book is encouraged, as there are limited spaces available on Sunday mornings.

Q. What kind of things am I allowed to sell?

We have a wide variety of sellers and an equally wide range of products. However, there are a few exceptions:

·         Weapons (including imitation weapons and pepper sprays)

·         Alcohol, tobacco and smoking implements

·         Drug paraphernalia, or materials supporting the use of illegal drugs

·         Offensive material

·         Flammable goods

·         Pirated / Counterfeit CDs, DVDs or similar.

If you are unsure if your product falls into one of these categories, you should contact us before you commence selling.  There are other conditions of entry which you can access on our website

Q. Is it easy to park at the markets?

Absolutely!  We have over 1,300 bays at the markets, and best of all they are totally free. We have parking at the front of the Markets at Bannister road, and also additional parking at the rear of the Markets through the Baile Road entrance. 

Q. What facilities do you have at the markets?

We have a wide range of food and beverage stalls, offering flavours from all over the world. We also have an ATM on site, along with amenities and plenty of ACROD parking.

Q. Can I smoke in the markets?

Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the market.

Q. My question wasn’t answered here, what do I do?

You should contact us on the above details, where we would be happy to help.


Stallholder FAQ


Q. I’m new to the markets, where do I start?

Please read of our booking rules and conditions of entry to make sure you know how the markets work. If you’ve never been to the markets before, we recommend you come along as a customer and have a walk around to get acquainted with the markets. You can also visit the Ticketing Office, where we can discuss which bays are available.

When you are ready to book, give us a call on 9456 9200 and we can get you into a bay.

Q. It is raining today, can I get a refund?

We can not offer refunds for wet weather or if you chose not to attend.

Q. I wasn’t able to get to the markets on the day I booked, what should I do?

Bookings are valid for date of booking only and refunds are not available. 

Q. When am I able to leave the markets?

If you are a stallholder, arrival times are from 4:30 am till 6:30 am.  The entrance for stall holders is from the Baile Road entrance, this is just off Bannister Road, the boom gates are on the right just past Campbell's Wholesale.  Vehicle movement must cease at 6:45am to allow for public safety.  Vehicles may be moved again at 1:00 pm to allow you to safely pack your stall and leave.

To ensure the safety of our customers, stallholders and staff, we do not allow vehicle movement inside the markets between 6:45am and 1pm. This is a condition of entry, and is strictly enforced by our compliance officers.

Q. I require a powered bay. What do I do?

Powered bays are very popular and are usually some of the first to sell. To ensure you’re not disappointed, please call our office to see what is available.

Q. Are you able to store my credit card details and just charge me every month?

We do not offer this service as we are prohibited by law from storing your credit card details. We understand it may not be convenient, but by not storing your details we are ensuring your account stays safe.

Q. I am looking at selling food, do I need a permit?

Yes.  To be able to sell food at the market we require a Temporary Food Premises permit from the City cf Canning. 

Please note, we currently have a waiting list for new food vendors. Please email your details to to be placed onto our food waiting list, and we will contact you should something become available in the future. 

Q. I am selling legitimate brand-name fashion accessories. Will I have any issues?

If your products are legitimate, you will not have a problem. We have a strict policy preventing sellers from offering counterfeit goods for sale, and we regularly have undercover officers from the Department of Commerce performing compliance checks around the market.

As per our conditions of entry, stallholders who are found selling counterfeit goods will be permanently removed from the market without a refund.

Q. Do you offer trestle tables to stallholders?

No, you will need to bring your own table if you wish to use one.

Q. I have lost my receipt, what should I do?

Please visit the Ticketing Office on Sunday where will confirm your identity and reprint your receipt.

Q. I need change for my stall. Can you help?

We strongly suggest you have adequate change available when you set up your stall.  The Ticketing Office may be able to help you, but depending on the time of day we may not have any change to give you.

Q. Any tips on what I should expect or bring on the day?

·         Haggling is common around the markets. Everyone loves getting a bargain though, so make sure your prices are realistic and likely to attract customers.

·         The presentation of your stall is very important. When you are finished setting up, stand back and have a good look at your stall. Is it eye catching and neat? Is it easy to shop from? Are the prices clear? There are plenty of good examples throughout the Markets.

·         Maybe bring a friend, that way, when it is busy, you can have two people operating the stall, and when one of you needs a break, your stall isn’t left empty.

·         Always bring spare price stickers and a marker. If you need to adjust the prices during the day, this is the best way to do it.

·         Make sure you have plenty of change, many customers come to the markets with larger notes and expect you to be able to break them. This just might make the sale.

Q. I have a gazebo, is this okay?

Generally speaking, it is not a problem. However, the bay sizes are approximately 2.5m x 6.5m and all your goods, including your gazebo, must stay inside the blue lines at all times.

Q. I have a portable generator, can I use it?

Unfortunately, due to the noise and fumes generators produce, their use in the market is not allowed.

Q. Can I just show up on the day, rather than pre booking?

Yes, but more choice is available if you book a bay over the phone beforehand.

Q. What payment methods do you accept?

At the ticketing office, we accept cash, and EFTPOS (MasterCard and Visa only).

Over the phone, we accept MasterCard and Visa. 

Q. What information do you require when I book a bay?

We will request your full name, telephone number, address and email address. If you are a business, we will request your company name and ABN if applicable. We may also ask to see identification, which must be produced.

Q. Who runs the Sunday Market?

The Sunday Market is owned and run by Perth Markets Limited.