The Great GreenGrocer



The Great GreenGrocer (GGG) is an exciting new program developed by the Perth Markets Ltd. and the Chamber of Fruit and Vegetables WA, to provide independent retailers with marketing support, to promote fruit and vegetables to consumers.

The GGG marketing program is designed to promote your retail stores to the consumer by providing you with the following support for a year:

• TV commercials

• Print advertising

• Website and Facebook promotion of your stores

• Point of sale material including shelf wobblers and seasonal posters, Great Green Grocer stickers

• Consumer giveaways such as recipe cards, seasonal produce cards (i.e. promoting how to pick and store seasonal produce)




  • Elevate consumer knowledge on fresh produce, particularly around varietal differences, seasonality and usage.
  • Promoting what's in season to maximise sales and margin.
  • Provide independent retailers the opportunity to "position" their fresh produce offer against the national chains for a sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Establish a long term co-ordinated and effective communication platform.
  • Harness the power of independent greengrocers by uniting them with a single voice.

The proposed program will benefit small business in both metro and regional areas and consumers, who will gain an elevated knowledge of fresh produce.


Criteria to join:

  • Locally owned business
  • Independent fruit and vegetable greengrocer
  • Metro or regional based
  • Store should have physical presentation
  • Accept the Code of conduct

If a fruit and vegetable retailer wishes to participate in the GGG marketing program, it will have to enter into an Agreement with the Perth Markets Ltd., agreeing to the Terms and Conditions and Code of Conduct stipulated in the agreement. Once a fruit and vegetable retailer has entered into an Agreement with the PML, it will be a registered user of the GGG logo and participant in the GGG marketing campaign.

For more information including terms and conditions, please download the application pack below, or visit or contact