Market City Access Cards

As part of the Market City security upgrade, all regular visitors to the site are now required to possess a Market City Access Card.  The card is used for both for personal identification and site access, and will be required to operate all vehicle and pedestrian access points when entering and leaving the site.

Before you apply for an Access Card, you must familiarise yourself with the Market City Site Rules, and read the Safety at Market City section of our website. 

In order to obtain an Access Card, applicants must complete an application form, along with the Site Safety Indiction and attend PML reception 7:30am - 5pm weekdays.  All applicants will be required to provide suitable photo identification (ie: license or passport) and have a photo taken at time of application.  A $45 payment per card is required at time of application, and the card will be ready to take immediately. Please allow 10-15 minutes for the application process. 

Please click here to download a copy of the Access Card application form. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Market City Access Card?

If you are a regular visitor such as a grower, supplier, transport company, truck driver, buyer, agent, contractor, employee or staff member with legitimate business at Market City's wholesale business areas, you will need a Market City Access Card to enter and exit all vehicle and pedestrian access points.

Am I a regular visitor?

If Market City is your place of work or you have legitimate business on a daily, weekly, monthly or seasonal basis, we regard you as a regular visitor and recommend you apply for an access card.

How do I apply for a Market City Access Card?

You can download a copy of the Access Card application form here, or you can collect one from Perth Markets Limited reception. You will need to complete the form and safety induction, and provide suitable photo identification. 

From there, we will take your photo and print the card on the spot for immediate use. 

How much does a Market City Access Card cost?

There is a one off security deposit of $25 and a payment of a $20 for an annual renewal fee for the first year. $45 in total is due on application of the card. Annual/renewal fee is $30 pa.

I have paid my renewal, but my card did not work when I tried to visit Market City. Why is that?

Cards that have not been used for over 13 months are automatically deactivated by our system for security reasons. To reactivate, please contact PML reception during business hours on 9456 9200. 

How long does it take?

Please set aside 10-15 minutes to allow time to complete your Market City Safety Induction, fill in your application form and have your photo taken.

Will my card be ready to collect straight away?

Yes. After you complete the Safety Induction, complete the application form and have your photo taken for identification purposes, your card will be printed on site and ready for use. 

How do I use my card?

Waive your active access card onto the card-reader mounted at all entry and exit points. You should hear a tone and be able to operate the gate. Boom gates will open automatically once a valid card is detected. 

Can I have more than one card?

No. For security purposes, each card is only available to be produced once as it is unique to you.  

Can more than one person use my access card?

No. Your access card is unique to each cardholder as it is a form of photo identification and sharing of cards is not permitted. 

Am I able to produce a card for my business?

No. As the card has a photo of the card holder on it, each card must be registered to an individual. 

What happens if my card is stolen or lost?

If you are concerned that your card has been lost or stolen we recommend you immediately contact PML on 9456 9200 to arrange for the card to be de-activated.  If your card has been permanently lost a replacement fee of $25 will apply for each card re-issued.

Why is Market City upgrading security?

In line with best practices of similar large commercial produce markets in Australia and around the world, Market City's upgrade to a secure site will create a professional business environment and better protect the commercial assets of Market City and our tenants. 

Is there a yearly fee for the card?

There is an annual payment of $30 to keep the card active. PML will email or post you the renewal notice, so it is important you ensure you inform us if you address or email address changes. 

Payments can be made via BPAY, Credit Card over the phone, or Cash or EFTPOS at PML Reception during business hours. 

My card isn't working, what should I do?

There are several reasons why your card may not be working. If this occurs, please visit PML Reception or contact us on 9456 9200. 

What happens if I no longer have legitimate business at Market City? 

All persons that no longer have legitimate business at Market City are requested to return their access cards so that a refund can be issued.

What do I do with my card if I leave my employer?

If you cease employment at Market City, your card should be returned to your employer.  If you change from one company to another one based at Market City , your card should be returned to your former employer so that a credit can be issued.  A new card will be issued under your new employer's company name.

What happens if I have a once-off delivery or am just visiting Market City for the day?

All visitors without an access card can report to the Guard House at the Bannister Road entrance or come to PML reception.

Further inquiries should be directed to Perth Markets Ltd. on (08) 9456 9200.