Perth Markets Group is currently reviewing the Site Rules.  A draft of the revised Site Rules are available here.

The following Guides form part of and to be read in conjunction with the revised Site Rules 

- Draft Buyers & Transporters Guide

- Draft Conduct on Site

- Draft Enforcement Guide

- Draft Forlift Operations Guide

- Draft Key Market Rules

- Draft Site Access Guide

- Draft Traffic Management & Parking

Feedback can be provided either via or by attending one of the feedback sessions scheduled for:

Tuesday 11 August at 11am

Wednesday 12  August at 11am

Tuesday 19 August at 11am



UPDATE: 24 March 2020


Pursuant to Market Site Rule 3.7 and the determination by PMGL to limit access to the CTA common areas made on 24 March 2020, PMGL now designates the following as persons authorised to have access to the CTA common areas (subject to compliance by such persons with the Site Rules generally):


1.      PMGL market officers and staff in the performance of their duties on behalf of PMGL;

2.      Market West staff in the performance of their role as the Member Representative Organisation;

3.      PMGL contractors performing necessary PMGL authorised repairs and maintenance to the CTA premises;

4.      “Essential personnel” as designated by CTA tenants which may include “Buyers”.


Perth Markets Limited focuses on maintaining a safe site. To enter the Market City site, important safety considerations must be followed to ensure your visit to the site is safe and efficient for all market users.

Market City is owned and operated by a privately owned company. Under our regulations Market Officers are authorised to issue warnings when the Perth Markets Limited site rules are broken. Please ensure you understand our safety requirements by watching the safety video and undertaking the safety questionnaire if you intend on visiting the wholesale markets or undertaking work on site.