UPDATE: 24 March 2020


Pursuant to Market Site Rule 3.7 and the determination by PMGL to limit access to the CTA common areas made on 24 March 2020, PMGL now designates the following as persons authorised to have access to the CTA common areas (subject to compliance by such persons with the Site Rules generally):


1.    PMGL market officers and staff in the performance of their duties on behalf of PMGL;

2.    Market West staff in the performance of their role as the Member Representative Organisation;

3.    PMGL contractors performing necessary PMGL authorised repairs and maintenance to the CTA premises;

4.    “Essential personnel” as designated by CTA tenants which may include “Buyers”.


PML treats matters of safety with the utmost importance and dedicates significant time and resources into adopting and upholding safe work practices, as well as educating stakeholders.

Site Rules are in place to assist all site users and warnings issued where applicable.  Our focus remains on education of site users to ensure safe practices and cooperation with Work Safe, tenants and site users.  A copy of the PML Site Rules are available here.